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As a small family run service i wanted to make sure that any work we do for our clients is Easy, Friendly,Professional and each clients needs treated with a Taylor made service to there needs.

We realise that house clearances can be needed for many reasons including Bereavements, A family member or friend is taken into care,moving house to downsize or even just single rooms that may be to difficult to sort if you are on your own.?

In any instances houses and rooms will need to be cleared of there contents - But i believe there is more to a House clearance service then just removing a persons treasured and sentimental items from a place that could have been called home for a large percentage of there lives and that is where Buy and bid go the extra mile to make you and your removal as easy and efficiently as possible.

But our service does not just end by taking away items  - We know there are Rogue traders out there that dispose of any items by fly tipping your items in our beautiful countryside and  treating your property as "scrap" - This is not the case and the following strict guidelines are always followed by our company.


Its simple - we have no complicated forms to fill in and we are happy to Taylor each and every request to suit your needs.

The first step is just to call and have a friendly chat or fill in our contact form and just jot down your name  address or postcode of the house that needs clearing, A contact number and idea of when you would like to get your clearance done , Plus it would be helpful if you could just say how many rooms or which items ie small appliances beds etc that will need moving. 

Once we have received your enquiry i will contact you with a date for me to come and see you and discuss your requirements and let you know what we can do to help.

we will always turn up with ID and in smart clothing with our company details so you can be safe and indeed if requested if you are a lone woman or gentleman that would feel more at ease with dealing with a male or female then we will be happy to oblige.

when we are discussing the clearance we realise that items that maybe small or insignificant to others may be important to you and therefore with any smaller items  we will always suggest to keep these items for a few months and then see how you feel about parting with them - we will be happy to come back out to you if you reach that decision,

when it comes to moving the items for you please do not hesitate to let us know what you would like to keep and we will put these to one side for you to collect.

Once you have received your written quote from Buy and Bid and if you would like to go ahead with our service we will confirm a time to suit and take a 10% deposit by bank transfer or cash / card and Do NOT TAKE ANY FURTHER PAYMENTS UNTIL THE JOB IS COMPLETED AND YOU ARE HAPPY WITH THE CLEARANCE.

there are some items that we would not normally take on a standard clearance  but if you requested that for example carpets and gas cookers ie would need to be taken we can arrange that for you and get a fully qualified gas engineer to disconnect any appliances and cap them off (we would let you know exactly how much this would be before hand and if the job turns out to take more time then we thought or we need to bring in extra staff WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU MORE THEN WE QUOTED YOU so you are guaranteed what you are quoted is what you will pay)

We do not leave any rubbish behind either inside or outside the property and we vacuum And any carpets or flooring  and work surfaces throughout so the house is left as clean as possible.

We realise that in these Covid  times that extra precautionary measures maybe needed and are happy to work within the set out government guidelines wherever possible including if you requested wearing face masks and gloves and staying 2 metres apart if required - Indeed if you would even request a contact less clearance  we can accommodate and indeed collect any keys from estate agents or friends or even post your keys out to us, we would carry out the clearance to our same high standards and take pictures of the rooms cleared by email with your invoice so you can check you are happy with our work.

once the clearance is finished we will give you our invoice and you can then pay for the job done  and you are happy with our service.

we realise Buy and Bid auctions and our house clearances are a new local company but we are sure that our professional friendly service combined with my 25 years plus working in customer service roles and our passion for supporting local business and charity's will soon get known as a reliable courteous and professional caring company.

Thank you for contacting our website

Take care.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Chris and Nicci Perry